August 16, 2007

time to return to ireland?

Regan and her husband left Northern Ireland in December 1992 to get away from the ‘troubles’ only to face the same ‘troubles’ in London – as well as new ‘troubles’ with Islamic immigrants – and expects a massive migration back to Ireland if things worsen in England.

“We left Northern Ireland because we were fed up with it all and wanted a better life for our children," says Regan. "We moved first to London and would you believe that we fell foul of the IRA terrorists, aka freedom fighters, there, too!"

"When we arrived at the airport we were waiting for a bus into town and noticed an unaccompanied suitcase in a corner," says Regan. "Knowing that it could very well have been a bomb, we ran back into the airport, notified the authorities and wasted money catching a taxi so that we could get out of the area quick smart!"

"A week later, we had settled down into our new home and my husband was happy in his new job, the kids loved London, and our new neighbors were quiet and minded their own business and all was well," says Regan "Then, in the middle of the night, I think it was on Christmas Eve, the telephone rang."

"Since only our families knew our new telephone number I immediately thought the worst – my father had died, or something like that," sighs Regan, "and when an Irish male voice came on the line when I picked up the telephone and said 'hello' my heart sank."

"I didn't recognize the voice and when the guy said something about 'the deed being done' I wondered what on earth he was talking about," says Regan. "And then he asked to speak to Paddy and it dawned on me then that he had called a wrong number -- or the people who had the telephone number before us had not told him they had disconnected."

"The caller apologized for waking me and the next morning I heard about a bomb going off in Oxford Street," says Regan. "The coincidence was uncanny and my husband and I mooted whether or not to tell the police but decided against it because -- well, we'd left Northern Ireland to get away from this sort of stuff, and being Irish ourselves we might have been seen as suspects and gone onto some data base."

"Anyway, at the rate London is becoming Londonistan it won't be long before the emigration trail will be reversed – we'll all be begging Ireland to take us back in!" laughs Regan. "But it's no laughing matter, really. Our government has let us down badly."

“We have enough trouble with the Catholics and the Protestants at each other’s throats without adding the Moslems to the mix.”

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